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Safe and independent access card

The access control system is a prohibited permission system for entry and exit. The current access control has become a leading product in the field of locks, also very popular in hotel and large enterprises. Compared with the visual inspection, access control card hold security and independent access authority management in different facilities. With the continuous expansion and improvement of access function, the access works well in the control of entry authority, at the same time it is also extended with attendance function, that’s why it is ideal for office use. The access control can work separately from the simple attendance machine.

Personalized access cards provide greater security and comfort

RFID cards can integrate personal data in the cards, on the one hand it protects the data, on the other hand it strengthens the company security:

Security management important portals and gateways;

Using the card reader to authorize access to the IT network;

Strengthening staff attendance management;

Provide more employee services, such as cashless payments at company restaurants.

SEAORY card printer can built-in related modules, personal data can be encoded into the cards.

SEAORY card printer can print professional and durable access cards easily and quickly.

SEAORY card printer is standard office use printer, very easy to use. Just a few seconds it can easily make personalized employee cards with company brand information. According to the specific needs, SEAORY card printer can reprint the employee cards quickly, it can make personalized employee cards for new staff immediately.