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Employee id card

      In view of companies in different locations and the large number of employees, they are urgently in need of a work efficient and centralized card printing solution: centralized production of employee ID card. SEAORY T12 card printer and its card design software is not only with simple operation and fast printing speed, but also fully consistent with Microsoft's software style and operating habits, shortcut menu and user-friendly design makes the training work can be completed in a few minutes, the user can easy to be a master through read the instructions.

      A proximity employee ID card can replace all gates key, and no appointment and non-business related personnel are not allowed to enter the company.For example, you can put an end to the sales, insurance and other industry clerk without permission in the case of unauthorized intrusion into your office, interfere with the normal office order. And have different permissions, authorized cardholders can enter the scope of their duties can access the door, all the access to the situation are recorded in the computer , easy to specific time for the query and implement the responsibility.

      Proximity employee ID card, one the one side, it printed with the company logo and cardholder information and photos, to further improve the card security, to strengthen the office location access management, improve employee identification process, more easily identify the company visitors. With the portal access control, real-time monitoring, security, burglar alarm and other functions, so as to provide users with a cost-effective working environment. On the other hand, it can establish the company, building or office standardization of management image, improve management grade, while standardize the internal management system.