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The different---Rewritable Card

         Rewritable Card, also known as visual rewritable cards, is a new technology products made of a heat-sensitive materials. The special rewritable card printer prints permanently the information which is stored in the card media and software system on the surface of the card in the form of characters, patterns, etc., and remains on the card face until the next time another rewritable card printer is used to delete the information so as to realize the rewritable function.
         Rewritable membership card is another membership card before the development of the electronic membership card and not only can fulfill all the functions that IC card can achieve but also texts, pictures and other information on the card face can be repeatedly erased and reprinted.
         In recent years, domestic temporary residence permits and electronic Hong Kong and Macao permits have been using rewritable technology. "Besides in catering industry, entertainment and other common applications, rewritable cards used in education, health care, transportation, logistics, factories, libraries and other industries has gradually replaced the ordinary membership card.
         Moreover, the rewritable membership card also has poster promotion feature. Compared to the traditional KTV posters and other propaganda, the effect with rewritable membership card is significantly more. Generally, the merchant will launch a promotional event through a poster, but it is difficult for the information to be communicated to every member, eventually resulting in many members losing the time limit discount. With rewritable card, advertising and promotional information can be updated at any time to stimulate more customers to consume with card, increase customer retention rate. In the entertainment industry, membership card promotion is one of the most promotional methods for KTV industry. According to long-term industry observation, marketing with a rewritable membership card will have  more advantages, and can attract and stimulate more customers to spend again. 
         Besides providing bonus points and value stored in one card function, the advantages of the rewritable cards lies also in the novelty, fashionably and unique. Through the rewritable features customers can intuitively know their consumption details, such as for every time the consumption situation, points and other information on the card surface are clear at a glance. For KTV industry, the main consumer group is young generation, rewritable card can be customized on the positive and negative sides, suitable for creating personalized, individualized card to attract customers; and in those special days, rewritable card surface design can express all kinds of greetings or blessings to customers.