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2017 Third Quarter Work Review Meeting

        Seaory third quarter meeting, hold comprehensive breakthrough in market sales, improve product quality as the core, to declare all kinds of projects as the focus, and constantly improve the management level and execution, and comprehensively improve the viability of enterprises and core competitiveness.

        The team leaders report on the completion of the third quarter, the analysis of the lack of work and improve the program, identify problems in a timely manner to ensure the completion of the company's annual objectives and tasks.

         We also awarded the teams and individuals who did excellent performance in the third quarter. They gained bonus and certificate of honor.

        Team building is the most important management, During the third quarter, our company continued to strengthen the team staff building, and strive to improve the leaders and employees of the ideological level and overall quality, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. All employees to implement Key Performance Indicator, the implementation of the dynamic management of leaders and employees, to maximize them to make progress, so that they have a sense of crisis and work harder, make them with "hope" and more harder to learn to improve their own business skills and comprehensive ability.

         Meanwhile, we conscientiously do a good job of the project acceptance and reporting work, organize relevant personnel to declare the project information to sort out, sum up, and actively declare. Accelerate the independent innovation, adapt to market changes, the formation of products and brands with independent intellectual property rights, improve market competitiveness and anti-risk ability, our company has always been scientific and technological progress and independent innovation in an important position.