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RFID Silicone Wristband, simplified everything

        RFID Wristband is a kind of radio frequency smart card with a convenient and durable wear on the wrist , the chip can be sealed high-frequency or low-frequency chips, bands using high-frequency secondary injection molding. Wristband electronic label selection of environmentally friendly silicone material, comfortable to wear, and beautiful appearance, with decorative. It can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands.


1. 100% high quality silicone material , Eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic, soft texture, tearing resistance, waterproof, shock, long life, do not stimulate the skin etc.; 

2. non-corrosive, and good elasticity;

3. use closed-loop wristbands, bright colors, feel good, comfortable to wear;

4. Variety of colors is available for selection;

5. It can be tracked for RFID wristband.



        RFID Wristband is widely used in swimming pools, bathing centers, cooling libraries, water patrols, field operations and other hot and humid environment, prolonged soaking in water does not affect the use of the wristband.