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Download Center

Download Center


Card printer software

Type Card printer software
Operating system Windows XP/Windows 7/ Windows
8.1/Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • SEAORY T11

  • Driver Download
  • Operation system:
  • Windows XP/Windows 7 / Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • SEAORY T12

  • Driver download
  • Operation system:
  • Windows XP/Windows 7 / Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Maintenance guide

Internal printer cleaning

Control panel common problems

Alert message  Explain  Solution
Flipper Cover Open  Flipper cover door is opened   Close the flipper cover door
Cover Open Top cover door is opened  Close the top cover door
IC Chip Missing  Ribbon IC chip is not inserted Install ribbon IC chip into printer’s IC chip socket
Ribbon Missing   Ribbon is not installed   Install ribbon with corresponded IC chip into printer
Ribbon Mismatch  
Installed ribbon does not match with ribbon IC chip ID 
Check ribbon type and install the corresponded IC chip
Ribbon Type Error Unsupported ribbon type Check ribbon’s region code with matching printer’s region code
Ribbon Out Failing to searching ribbon Reinstall the ribbon again with correct installation procedure
Print Fail   Fail to start printing process Check the ribbon to see if it’s snapped
Card Out Card runs out Place more cards with card’s weight module
Inconsistency between card thickness  
adjustorand card used
Get the setting of adjustor and card used consistent
Adsorption force among cards  Move cards apart and then arrange them to input hopper for retry
Card Jam The printing process of the card in the machine, can not complete the print and the card Perform a row of cards in accordance with the face plate
Cam Error  Internal mechanical cam platen error Contact your local service center for professional advice
Flipper Error Flipper unable to perform its duty Contact your local service center for professional advice
Ribbon Chip IC Error   Ribbon’s IC chip error  Reinsert IC chip again or change a new IC chip if it’s required

Operating common problems

1、Nothing in action

  • Check the printer driver to see if it is truly, well installed.
  • Check the printer power supply and USB cable
  • Check the ribbon and card
  • Print a demo chart

2、Printed a blank card

  • Check the ribbon
  • Check value A setting of “Printing Area” in the driver. To define value A as default to retry.
  • Set the value to try print
  • Check the card to see if it carters to CR-80 specification

3、Partial or incorrect printing

  • Check the printer settings
  • Check the interface cable and ribbon
  • Make sue the printer’s cleaning roller is clean
  • Check the printing card is clean
  • Check the print head

4、Printed some small blemishes

  • The card surface may be dirty or work on cleaning via dust arrestor
  • Use a cleaning card to clean
  • Print head clogged
  • Check the roller of dust arrester to see if there’s need to change a new one

5、Printed horizontal white lines

  • Check the ribbon is fitted correctly
  • Check the print head is dirty or damaged

6、Printed vertical white lines

  • TPH may be impaired. Contact the distributor or dealer nearest to you for help

7、Printed blurred images

  • Check the ribbon to see if is fitted correctly
  • Check the print head to see if there’s need to do the cleaning
  • Check the cleaning roller of dust arrester to see if there’s need to change a new one
  • Check the card is compatible or not

After-sales service


Seaory offers one year free training, checking, testing and repairing from the purchasing date.

During the warranty period, all the repairing both hardware and software are free, including the print head change once. The repairing job usually to be done in our service centers. The shipping cost of the card printer to and from shall be covered by the customer. On-site service is available. The travelling expenses will be covered by the requestor.

We can sign a new technical service agreement in order to service you continuously if the warranty expired. The hardware replacing charges at prime cost only.


Service advantage

Service advantage

We always provide technical service to our customers timely and professionally. We abide by “high quality, perfect service”. We try to give you the technical support in a shortest time and distance, with professional technical knowledge and sincere attitude.

We have skillful and experienced software and hardware engineers. We keep high level stock of parts and accessories. Local service centers are available in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai. We trained many agents in different region. We’re able to provide satisfied and reliable after-sales customer service.