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  • Enterprises and institutions

      Enterprises and institutions

    How the enterprises and institutions to manage the employee identification, attendance, visiting, fixed assets and others? How to make a beautiful card in an easy way, both time and cost saving, if a company has a high staff turnover rate and needs make card frequently.


    Print the photo, text and other needed information onto a PVC sticker card which is lighter and thinner than normal blank PVC card. It’s easy to make a high quality and resolution ID card. Stick the ID card to access control card if needed. It’s convenient and cost-effective. Also Easy to stick, peel off and update.

    Employee card/attendance card/access control card/visitor card/interviewing card/meeting card/fixed assets labeling card……

  • Urban traffic

      Urban traffic

    Contactless smart card has been widely used in the tolling, parking, railway and other transportation facilities because of its quickness and efficiency. It’s broadly welcomed by the passengers and drivers. By using smart card, it solves the traffic jam problem at toll station. It does not need cash transactions and allow the vehicles passing toll station quicker.

    City card/Bus card/parking card/driver’s license/transportation permission card/tolling card/oil-filling card

  • Medical and health

      Medical and health

    A safety and orderly place is essential to patients, medical staff and visitors. The medical and health facilities are expecting more, like tracing the attendance, stock management, sensitive area’s access control and improving the relationship between hospitals and patients. Seaory can offer you the safety, speedy and high security cards printing service. We can make high quality medical cards.


    • Can print photo ID card. It’s printing fast and vivid.
    • Can print name, title, company name, department, number, barcode, company stamp etc。
    • No printing qty limit. Can add watermark and anti-counterfeiting hologram。

    Social insurance card/medical card/health card/Passed card

  • Education


    Seaory can supply school printing solutions to help the education facilities. The solution matches the currently using security or chip system. We can provide student card, teacher card, library card, All-in-One school card to meet your needs.

    Seaory’s school printing solution includes add-on database incorporating software and high quality card printers. It’s user-friendly. You can print cards at your convenience without qty and time limit.


    Student card/teacher card/library ard/All-in-One school card

  • Finance


    Seaory’s just-in-time card printing solution is using the innovative technology to help banking service provider who can offer card in a quick, safe and efficient way.

    The credit card is popular. Some banks started offering customized credit card by using professional card printers. The customized card is commemorative.


    Credit card/debit card/prepaid card...

  • Commerce


    How to grasp the consumer psychology of most customers? How to meet consumer's consumption values? Apart from various promotional activities, an effective membership card system can help turning the first drop-by customer into a loyalty customer. Everyone likes to be treated well. A vivid printing and commemorative customized VIP card will benefit all.

    You can make a customized membership card by Seaory card printer. You can print photo, card number, barcode and other information. All the transactions, payment records and activities etc can be recorded completely. This not only upgrade the service, but also ease the customer information management.

    Membership card/loyalty card/VIP card/gift card/discount card/...

  • Telecommunication


    With the development of advanced science and technology, people "s life and work style have changed greatly since it is used in the communication field. Telephone and other convenient communication tools have now become the essential necessities of life. The phone card is no longer just a phone card. The low quality and poor printing phone card passed away. Some smart tele companies have been offering personalized phone card which can be collected or give others as gift card.

    Prepaid card/scratch card/pin card/...